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9-4-12 Tues
Welcome back to another year of middle school science! Your first assignment is to write about you "Scienctific Summer". This is due one week from today, Tuesday, 9-11-12.

9-5-12 Wed
"Metric Scavenger Hyunt". How well do you remember the metrics you learned last year??

9-6-12 Thur
Classroom policies regarding discipline and late work. I also shared my classroom matrix. Lose yours? Here's where you can get another copy!

9-7-12 Fri
"Conversion Practice" and "Conversion Challenge"

9-8-12 Mon

SI (metrics), perimeter, area, volume. More practice with "Metric Test #1"

11-19-12 Mon
Are you ready for your introduction to "Dynamite Don"? In this video he will help explain the history and usefulness of the Periodic Table. Try to fill in as much of the "Response Page" as you can while you watch. World of Chemistry -- Episode 7 -- The Periodic Table
11-20-12 Tues

Follow these links to the websites listed on your handout "Periodic Tables Online". Follow the directions on the handout to help you find the information needed to complete the worksheet. Don't worry if you don't get finished today.

Site: Periodic Table Structure Site: Parts of the Periodic Table Site: Chemical Elements.com

11-30-12 Fri
Fro the Enrichment period today, I have some pre-approved options for you to explore on the NASA website:
1. Explore the Apollo 11 Landing Site
2. Build Your Own Space Mission
3. The Spacesuit
4. Rocket Science 101
5. PlaneQuest Historic Timeline

Jan 4 I/E
Use this website to investigate a career of your choosing. You will collect information and present to your class, Careers in Space Science

1-14-13 Mon
Visit Site #1 to complete the top portion of the "Balancing Equations Online" activity. Chemical Equations

Here is the link to Site # 2, Classic ChemBalancer PLEASE CLICK ON THE DIRECTIONS BUTTON AND READ THEM FIRST!!! Do not turn this in to the 8th grade tray. We will be discussing it together in class.

*Want more practice? Try this gapfill exercise. You will have to complete all of the equations before you can check your answers :-)
Chemical Equations Gapfill Exercise

2-4-13 Mon
For I/E today, a lesson in physical vs. chemical changes. You can read the directions OR you may want to use the headphones to listen to the cool British accent!
Reversible and Irreversible Changes

2-6-13 Wed
Explore the soulbilities of different compounds with this activity: How is the Solubility of a Compound Determined?

2- 18-13 Mon
Practice predicting the pH values of common solutions with this: "Virtual pH Lab"

Your first Immunity Challenge is today! In "Super Surfers" you will use Internet sites to complete the questions concerning various branches of science. I recommend you start with "The Kid Zone" and if you can't find the information you need there fast enough, try GOOGLE. Get as many done as you possibly can during I/E and GOOD LUCK!
If you need/want another copy of the "Super Surfer" answer sheet, click here:

The next Immunity Challenge will be "Chem Time". I suggest you visit the websites listed under 11-20-12 or go back to "The Kid Zone" and visit some of the sites listed under "Chemistry" to help you review for next weeks challenge.

5-20-13 Mon
To better understand Darwin and his Theory of Evolution, let's look at evolution through natural selection in this Peppered Moth Simulation


Compare and contrast 6 Kingdoms of living things according to their physical and behavioral similarities and differences using this activity: "Exploring and Classifying Life" Correctly identify the kingdom classifications of a variety of organisms. Complete the data table and answer the accompanying questions


When you get done with the Classification activity AND you have completed the "Domains and Kingdoms GR", then test yourself with these fun quizzes!
Animal Classification Jeopardy, Animal Classification Millionaire

5-31-13 Fri
What are the structures and body systems of an earthworm? Follow this link, and READ the information as you prepare for the actual dissection on Monday.
Virtual Earthworm Dissection