This page has random items that I post for whatever they're worth.

Check out this great video on technology. It's interesting and a bit scary.

I discovered a little "crime scene" as I tried to enter my room one day. Some students apparently did not have enough homework and had the abundance of time to "vandalize" my room by stealing chairs, writing grafitti and leaving disturbing signs of their presence. Check out the document to view exhibits to "the crime".
Room raid f.doc

A very Kramer thing to do... find some wild water, some warm sun, some sand, and some good books.

Merry Christmas! I want to share one of my favorite songs with you. It is about an amazing Christmas truce of WWI. It is a wonderful example of how even the most extreme circumstances that are imposed on us cannot suppress the spirit of humanity and compassion that lies within us. I hope you sit and listen... with your ears and your heart... and enjoy.

Here is just John singing his song

The Milk Carton Kids! Two guys, two voices, two guitars, and nothing else... but a whole lot of talent and a timeless, mesmerizing sound.

Here is a random metamorphosis Claymation project I did with a digital camera. Unfortunately, it tokk an awful long time to make this very short video!!!

Nature v. Nurture Video
Nature v. Nurture History

Kahn Academy

10 Big Ideas in Science



Est-Meas Lab Response Form

Football Throws Sample