Motion Project Questions 2016-17

Question 1: Can we do the project in groups?
Answer: Each student must build and operate his/her own project, but students can share ideas and work with each other throughout the process of building and testing it.

Question 2: Can I use toothpicks?
Answer: Toothpicks are NOT on the materials list. However, Popsicle/craft sticks are on the list and they can be split, cut, or altered in whatever manner you need them to be.

Question 3: How many rubber bands can I use?
Answer: You can use any size and number of rubber bands you desire. They must be rubber bands, NOT workout/exercise, elastics waist band and so on. Also, rubber bands can NOT be used as a structural building material. They can only serve as the power source to launch the projectile.

Question 4: Do bounces and rolls counts after the projectile hits the floor?
Answer: The projectile is down and scores where it lands. Any rolling or bouncing after the point it hits the floor do NOT matter.