This page contains information about important things, such as notes, spreadsheet examples, web guides, and some general notes about class that I share. These entries will help students and parents follow what's happening in Physical Science so they can discuss assignments with students and ask them about their progress on particular projects and so on.
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9-3 Tue

Welcome back to school! In the first few days of class, we will be covering needed materials and classroom expectations.
First of all, items that will be needed for class are:
  • Pens and pencils
  • Loose-leaf paper (or notebook)
  • A ruler, preferably with metric measurements included.
  • A small pack (6-8) colored pencils or markers.
  • Scientific calculator. This does NOT need to be a graphing calculator, but it needs to have exponent functions on it.
  • Sturdy pocket folder to house your lab papers, handouts and so on.
  • USB (Flash/Jump/Thumb/etc.) drive - 2 GB minimum

Classroom Expectations
Word version
Mr. Kramer Class Expectations Google version

I will elaborate on classroom expectations in class as well.

Lab Safety
Word version

Lab Safety