Accelerated MS Science

10-20-11 Thu
View , , and and take the Mass and Weight Quiz on Quia

12-2-11 Fri
Here is the for you to use and here is the for you to look and to learn about writing formulas.
When you are done with the spreadsheet, please save it as Est-Meas Lab-FirstnameLastname and save it to the Accel. Sci. folder on the S-Drive.

12-8-11 Thu
Here is the for you to follow in creating your own spreadsheet. When this it is done, print it and save it to the Accel. Sci. folder as FB Throws Lab-FirstnameLastname. ALSO, do the analysis items before you hand it in to the daily tray!

12-20-11 Tue
Here are the notes to guide you in doing your
This report should be in outline form, not a running narrative

1-23-12 Mon
Here is sample spreadsheet that you can use as a guide in setting up your own blank spreadsheet. Pay attention to the notes and hints that I give in the spreadsheet for additional guidance.

1-24-12 Tue
Here is the . This is some background reading about motion and a bit of history of how people perceived motion and the order of the universe. The reading and questions will help to enhance our study and discussions on motion.

Here is the for you to follow as you set up your Acceleration Lab spreadsheet.
You will also need to do on the BACK of you printed spreadsheet(ss).

2-23-12 Fri
Here is a link that will take to to the online projectile simulation. The worksheet for it was given in class.

2-18-12 Tue
Here are the guidelines for the

3-9-12 Fri
Here is the e-version of this document. It has the link that will take you to the site to get you started, but a hard copy was given in class for you to fill out.

3-29-12 Thu

4-13-12 Fri
Work on these tow web guides today. You can finish them on Monday.

4-20-12 Fri

Here are some links that will help replace the information that you could not get to on the Moon Quest.
Moon Origin
Origin of the Moon More stuff on the moon's origin

5-14-12 Mon
Here is the for you to get started on. Note that the first stage in found on your desktop. This will be done on your own paper.
5-23-12 Wed
Read this document, answer the questions and fill in the table on Energy Options that were given in class.